CUBA 3/11/17


So the last three days have been taking a toll on us and by the fourth day we were so tired, but we still got up at around 8ish for breakfast and headed across the street. Again, the table was set and we were asked to wait in the living room until the food was out. We ate breakfast and talked to our breakfast parents when we were done. Hours quickly flew by so we decided to head out to get ready. We hailed down a cab at the Malecón again, and made our way back to  Rafael Trejo boxing gym (the gym we visited the day before). Jessica, Ralph, Joel, and Mike brought gear to donate and we decided to drop it off today. Joel and Michael donated their stuff to the Rafael Trejo gym and Jessica and Ralph donated their stuff to a gym that was around the corner. Once we got to the Rafael Trejo gym, we saw a bunch of kids and teens warming up for some inter-club sparring aka These kids are tough and it was so much fun to watch! We stayed longer than we planned on staying but none of us mind watching some fights. Once we left the gym, we made our way to a local brewery that was kinda dead, but the breeze was amazing since it was right on the water. We stayed for some drinks and to just relax. Sitting at a table next to us was a group of people who were definitely from the states and we could tell because we could hear their accents. One girl in particular sounded like she was from New York, so we asked them if they were American, and just like we thought,they were! We introduced ourselves and spoke to them for a little while and one of the girls, Dash, told us that she actually lives in Cuba with her husband. She owns a Afro-Latino tour company and was taking the group around on her tour. I wanted to do the tour so bad, but it was a bit on the pricey side, and we also had no time for it :(. Once they left, we finished our drinks and headed out to find some food. We passed a cute little restaurant that sold sandwiches, mojitos, beer, and some other drinks and it was super CHEAP so we sat down and ordered. Right outside of the restaurant we saw these kids playing and when I went to snap a photo of one of the girls stopped and smiled. Some of the kids were barefoot and their clothes and bodies in general were dirty from playing in the streets. They were so damn carefree and I loved it. They came by and talked to us for a bit and I was able to get a cute photo with them. We finished our meals and walked a few blocks to hail a cab.Once we got back to our block, we sat by the Malecón and had a mini photo shoot(LOL) and enjoyed the amazing view. We were told that the Malecón is one of the most popular places for the locals. There’s no cost to just sit there and hang out. A few nights that we walked along the Malecón, we would see people dancing, playing music, drinking, and just enjoying each others company. After our photo shoot, we went on a mission to look for a store where we can buy some beer!
We found one spot that didn’t have much of anything so she pointed us in the direction of another store that was down the block.On our way to that store, we saw people playing soccer and some playing baseball. There were also some super old workout “machines” that were pretty cool.We got to the store and bought 10 beers and ice cream ( no we didn’t have them together, that’s GROSS). As we were walking back to our apartment, which was pretty much around the corner, we passed an abandoned home.It still had some of the structure inside, and you can tell that it was probably such a beautiful home at one point. (there’s pictures of it below)
Jessica and Michael decided to walk inside the home and we stayed outside and bumped into two Americans who were roaming around and taking photos. We got back to the apartment, had our beers and a cigar, then started to get ready to head out.
We were attempting to go to FAC again. This time we planned on getting there at 8:30 the latest so that the line wasn’t CRAZY. We got there and the line was already forming but definitely not as long as the first night we tried to get in. We waited for about 40 minutes and finally got in. When you get inside, you pay 2 CUC and you get a card. This card is to keep track of your food and drinks throughout the night. Before you leave, you pay your balance. IF YOU LOSE YOUR CARD you have to pay 30 CUC. But, why not just buy as much as you can and “lose” the card and just pay 30 CUC even if you bought more? YOU CAN’T, once you’re about to hit 30 CUC,they make you pay first! Don’t be fooled, my friends. Anyway, we walked around and looked at the art, grabbed a few drinks and we bump into a friend of ours from NY! What are the damn odds!! So we talk for a bit and then make our way around the gallery again. This place was super crowded, but we definitely had such a good time. Once we were over FAC, we paid and head out to the restaurant/bar we liked on the Malecón. We ate a bit there and had a drink…. BUT WE WERE STILL HUNGRY. So… we went to our drunk spot: MR. MANGOS! Our cab driver was definitely not a cab driver and super sketchy. He offered to take us to Mr. Mangos for 3 CUC. Then we asked him to wait for us to get our food since we were taking it to go, he did and said it would cost 7 CUC total and I thought it was sketchy, but whatever, we made it home safe and sound. 🙂

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