This Chirstmas…

I always have a love/hate relationship with the holidays. And I know I’m not the only one. I love it because it means food, family, friends, and good times. However, I hate it because it gets stressful and tiring. But, it’s usually all worth it.

This year (Like every year) Joel and I tried to limit each other by saying… “just 1 gift”… FAIL. we ended up buying each other a few gifts!

So why not review them!?

let’s start with what I got him…

Chuck Taylor All Star Tekoa Boots:


These are awesome! They are a “sneakerboot” which is supposed to have the same sneaker feel/look but still protect your feet from the winter cold, rain, and snow! I think they are pretty stylish and they don’t look like your average bulky and super heavy boot. He sent me the link to these over a week before christmas and I thought … CHRISTMAS GIFT! and went straight to the mall to buy them!

FitBit Charge


I’ve been dying to get Joel this! I feel like it is so good for someone as active as he is. The FitBit charge tells you the time,tracks your activity, calories burned, steps taken, distance walked, flights of stairs climbed, and best of all…it tracks your sleep! I remember Joel telling me one time that he wished there was a way he could see how he sleeps or something along those lines and I felt like this would be great. The first night he used it he “slept” from 1am-7am but in reality was only in a real sleep for 2 hours, and was really restless the rest of the time. It also showed when he woke up in the middle of the night and for how long. In the first day, he took over 12,000 steps! Another cool thing is that you can get all the details of your day(s) via the fitbit app, and from what my cousins tell me… you can add friends and compete with each other and stuff like that! I think that this is a great way to stay active and motivated and to keep track of it all.

Sunpak Platinum Plus 5858D Tripod


So, for a while now, Joel has been complaining about his horrible tripod and I figured he’d really appreciate a new one especially since he has been really stepping up his photography game. Sunpak had a great selection of tripods, but I chose this particular one because it was way lighter than the other models they had. The other ones seemed sturdier, but heavier, and I figured if he would be carrying it all over the place this was the best bet since it’s made mostly of aluminum. He’s still in the beginner phases of photography so I promise he’ll get a more official one in the future 😉

P.s. – It’s just my luck that all of these items just went on sale… -__- Get your hands on them now while they’re at a good price!!

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11 things I’ve learned from being in a (LONG) relationship:

11.  Fighting is inevitable.

We all know a couple that “brags” about how perfect they are for each other because they “NEVER” fight, but to be honest, I don’t think that’s healthy. How is it that two people could never disagree with each other or make each other angry sometimes? I think that if you aren’t fighting, you’re doing something wrong. Fighting is growth. HOW? Because you learn about each other. You get a better understanding of what really triggers your significant other’s emotions and that is very important. However, it is not OK to fight every day and purposely pick fights. THAT IS NOT HEALTHY because not everything is worth fighting about…Read More »