Let’s talk Vegan…

As stated in my acne post. I went vegan in the very beginning of 2014 to live a healthier lifestyle. A good friend of mine, Muay Thai fighter, and vlogger, Jay Matias, had been vegan for a couple of months already and was speaking so highly of it and he pretty much convinced me (without even trying) to give it a shot. I remember us speaking and at first I was saying to myself “I could never do that!!” BUT, I did it! And I can honestly say I did it for solid 9 months before switching to Vegetarian. I really did love being Vegan but, like I said in my Acne post, it was just something I couldn’t do because of the dramatic breakdown my face had (my face is such a drama queen… *rolls eyes*)

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The other day my boyfriend and I had an interesting conversation on “sharing”…He told me that he recently read something on Facebook that was about parents and how they approach SHARING… before I got the chance to explain my thoughts on sharing, he began to explain what some of the parents were saying in that article. After hearing the arguments, Joel then asked me “ What do you think about sharing”… And I just didn’t know anymore! I always thought SHARING IS CARING & that all kids should share. But, what he told me really had me thinking that maybe I was wrong…Read More »

Why I’ve fallen in love with Muay Thai

QuestionsI get on the daily: Are you a fighter? Do you train? When are you gonna start training? LOL and my answer is always NOOOOO with this crazy face like it would be ridiculous for me to train. The thing is I’ve always told myself this was going to be something Joel (My boyfriend) did and not really something I would get into but I would just support him. I mean, I’ve trained a handful of times but never enough to be great at it and that’s okay, because again, I’ve always wanted Muay Thai to be something that Joel was passionate about and can use as an escape because let’s face it… We all need an escape. I am not exactly out of the loop though… Muay Thai has become one of my main priorities and some people looking on the outside in wouldn’t be able to completely understand, So I’m going to try and explain to you why I’ve fallen in love with Muay Thai.

Joel started training Muay Thai in November 2010, thanks to his brother, Omar. His exact words when he started were “ I would NEVER fight” and I guess it was never a thought until he started to really become consistent in training. March 2011 rolled around and there I was, at Target buying all the snacks on his “What I want after weigh ins list”. Yup, you guessed it… He was fighting…in a 3 day tournament, where he could potentially have 3 or more fights and that weekend was the craziest experience of my life. I’ve been to a decent amount of fights before he started fighting but IT IS DIFFERENT when someone so close to you is in the ring for the first time. Fast forward a bit… his first fight was pretty scary for me especially when you can see him mouthing in the corner “ I’m tired..” or “I can’t do this”… But, luckily for him I was so confident in him that he crushed it. LOL just kidding it had nothing to do with me BUT, he did crush it so you know I was all “proud girlfriend-y”. After that tournament I just wanted him to keep fighting, mainly cause I saw how happy he was to see all his hard work pay off. (Hell, I was so happy to see all his hard work pay off and so happy that it was over with and WE could eat real food again LOL). And that’s one reason why I fell in love with the sport.. because of how happy it made him.

When you care about someone, whatever it is that makes them happy, you want them to have it all the time.


Through the years he’s fought several more times and each time I’ve been by his side (along with the rest of my support crew lol) dealing with the fight camp, the dieting, the pain, the good days, the bad days, the weigh ins, the post weigh ins meal (YUM), and everything else in between that comes along with training & fighting. Not only was Joel fighting, he was teaching classes at the gym and training people for their fights as well. And each day no matter how difficult the days get,  I just know there is nothing else that he would rather be doing. No matter how stressful and hard any of this gets, he loves it so much…that it is all worth it.

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I’m in love with the coco(nut oil)

Today I want to share a quick rant on COCONUT OIL. this is kinda sorta related to my last post about my acne & new skin care routine so I’ll try to keep this post as short and sweet as possible.
I have recently discovered the amazing benefits of coconut oil.

I began using coconut oil to remove my make up because Of a pin that I came across that was titled “coconut oil make up remover”. So I bought me a jar of coconut oil (not cheap by the way) and went right into it. I washed my hands, took a small amount of coconut oil and just started rubbing it all over my face… I loved it because other than the fact that it smelled like paradise on my face, it immediately started to make my skin feel super soft. But, I couldn’t give it all the credit just yet cause I figured “Welllllll it is oil, so you would assume your face would be soft while covered in it”.
So…next step, I took a warm wet towel and swiped the oil off. WHOA. all of the damn make up including the pesky waterproof eye make up came off. then I used my cleanser, patted my face dry, and voila! Ridiculously smooth and clean skin !!
I was so impressed that I started to read more on coconut oil to find out how I can get my money’s worth and make use of the whole jar. Come to find out it can do things like:Read More »

Dealing with Acne…

For my first “real blog”… I wanted to reach out to those, like myself, who are struggling with acne.I’m sure all of our stories are fairly similar and I just want to share my experiences with you and how I started to care for my skin… My new year’s resolution for 2014 was to live a healthier lifestyle. I wanted to really discipline myself and just eat better. Not so much to lose weight but to just to eat better and make it a lifestyle rather than a random diet that I would probably stop in a few months after getting bored. So, I did just that. I went VEGAN… COLD TOFURKEY 😉 The vegan lifestyle is AMAZING. I felt so energized every single day upon waking up, no sluggish feeling, no crashing, and weight loss just happened to come with it which was a plus cause I didn’t have to do much but eat a bunch of fruits, veggies, and my favorite.. CARBS. I know it sounds crazy, carbs? And you lost weight? NO WAY… YES WAY. But I won’t get into that.. That’s not what this is about lol but just believe me when I tell you the vegan lifestyle can change your life! Anyway, months passed by and I started to feel a little different than when I first started Vegan. So, I did some research and started to take B Complex Pills. And I can honestly say that was the worst decision for me! My skin FREAKED OUT. Who knows, maybe it wasn’t the pills and just the change in general. But I went months vegan and nothing went wrong until I took the pills. I stopped immediately! Before this incident I had acne free skin (other than the hormonal breakouts here and there) and this was so new to me so I started to worry and tried anything and everything to quick fix the bad break outs I was experiencing. Couple months went by and we were in June 2014. Skin not bad, but not great. THEN THE HUMIDITY KICKED IN. and my skin started to get worse!

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